Frostbite Engine And Story Mode Of Madden NFL 18 Works Well

EA Sports decides to play it safe, by bringing the Frostbite engine and Story mode to Madden NFL 18, elements that have worked very well in other franchises.


EA sports brings us a long awaited delivery for football fans, as Madden NFL 18 is the only option currently available, as there are no more video games to simulate this sport. For this delivery EA sports has opted to add several new features when looking sideways at the neighboring franchise FIFA, as it happened with FIFA 17, this Madden NFL 18 brings us as highlights the participation of the graphic engine Frostbite, which luxury seating, and a new story mode called Longshot. It should be noted that because of its poor follow-up in Spanish-speaking countries, this delivery just like the rest of Madden NFL is only available in the version with English voices and texts. Frankly even if I only had texts in Spanish it would be very grateful, and it might encourage players to opt for buying this game to have more variety between sports pitches with friends, and even when trying this game they could be encouraged to start following the real competition.


It is recommended when you play for the first time a game with a genre that you have never played, go through your tutorial mode before you get right into it. For those who do not know the mechanics of American football, we will explain briefly. While a team attacks, it seeks to advance the yards to the touchdown zone to score, having 4 downs or opportunities to advance at least 10 yards or lose possession of attack and will defend. Obviously the rival team must slow the advance and prevent you from scoring, as you see the objectives of each team according to the role of attack or defense are quite clear, move forward if you attack and slow the advance if you defend. But if our first contact with this sport is through Madden NFL 18 the complexity comes from the amount of different possible moves in both attack and defense, it is there where the tutorial fulfills its function greatly since it reviews many plays, something that can cause the tutorial is extensive, but they manage to help you understand much better the mechanics of this sport.


To start talking about the gameplay should take into account 2 aspects, and is that looking at the offline multiplayer side, although this option is possible, more than an addition can end up being a drag for the game if you choose to play cooperatively instead of a direct confrontation, American football does not stand out for the team game, being rather based on the tactic of the play, marked by the beginning of the same, the importance of this falls on the race of the player who receives the ball, playing two on the same team the second player will basically be in charge of opening the way to player 1 who is actually going to take the reins of the game, so if we want to play with a partner we have to limit ourselves to one face-to-face confrontation in a match since the possibility of offline multiplayer is really focused for it. In spite of this, Madden NFL 18 assures us enough hours of fun to bring us several game modes in addition to the typical mode of exhibition of sports games, each of the game modes will offer us a different jugablidad, emphasizing as the main modes franchise, longshot and ultimate team.


If it is true that you do not like it very much and you get tired, and to get to enjoy a season of the franchise mode, playing every full game you must be a great fan of American football. Therefore we also have the possibility to decide that we want to play the next game, either the game in full, the attack or defense plays, or the highlights of the game, something that is greatly appreciated as it facilitates the digestion of this way, that could otherwise get too long, because the loading times is not that they help in the fluidity.

The "Longshot" mode is a new mode that has really put you well as an idea, bringing freshness to the dynamics of playing only "simple" matches, just like it happened with FIFA 17 with its way "The way", the pity is that the execution is not up to the concept. It was expected that EA Sports being aware of the great acceptance that had this mode, choose to take them to other franchises, which also entails that inevitably there are some comparisons. Nor will we tell the plot of the story because it could be considered as a small spoiler, but if we will say very briefly what it offers us. Longshot mode tells us how Devin Wade, a young man who has just recently lost his father, thus becoming an orphan father and mother, seeks to fulfill his dream of childhood: playing in the NFL. Having a much stronger story than the gameplay itself, because it is focused differently than other modes of play, sometimes abusing the gameplay within the cinematic (when you reach 40% of the story mode will have been a 10 % of game and 30% of interactive kinematics), the gameplay during the training can be defined as not very successful, adding that in some attack plays an abnormal and unfavorable use of the camera is made.

In addition they have added a theoretical part that from my point of view does not do him a great favor, (for me the theory in sports video games is a bit more). This part will only be appreciated by the user who is an NFL fan. EA sports has opted more for the narrative that may be behind this way than for the gameplay of it. Precisely for this reason I will not take this way very seriously when it comes to judging the gameplay in general that is quite good.

As with the Road to FIFA 17, this longshot is a test to see how users receive it and to be good, probably in Madden NFL 19 we are facing a better project with the correction of these errors. Leaving these improving points aside, it must be said that the story has a good plot, good development, taking care of the small details like the simple fact that when Devin Wade is a child, his scout report is made by himself and can be quite entertaining if you follow the step of the events by the different scenarios.

Where we probably put more hours of play will be in MUT mode, without even underestimating the other modes of play, this is the one I consider more addictive, due to the style of what it is, winning rewards and coins to buy envelopes, customizing our team according to our criteria, to be eligible to win the season and MUT Champions, and this besides being quite addictive requires time and constancy, making this mode as well as fun is quite durable.

Graphics and Sound

The new Frostbite engine had to make constant presence presence, could not stay exclusively in the Longshot mode and is very well exploited with kinematics during the game, training and a spectacular entry to the pitch, without a doubt has come very well the Frostbite to Madden NFL 18. As for the sound, you can only use one word to qualify it correctly, PERFECT, the list of songs that brings us this delivery goes like a ring finger, being formed by very good songs that manage to motivate the user at all times, being very well accompanied on his way to glory. For more Madden tips and tricks, stay tuned to Madden-Store. You can choose where you can buy cheap Madden 18 coins.

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